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Quality car care you can afford!


It has been my pleasure to have worked at some really great places with some amazing people.  I was a machinist and engine builder for Booth-Arons Racing Engines. I was also an engine builder, machinist, and fabricator for Dart Championship Engine Components.  I also was manager of Midwest Auto Service, and project manager for North American Propane Fuel Company.
These positions gave me a broad range of experience.  At Booth-Arons and Dart, I was able to work with people such as George Delorian, Dick Arons, Wally Booth, Bob Glidden and others.  While managing Midwest Auto I had to organize shop duties among multiple employees, handle inventory, maintain quality control, etc. 
Project manager at North American Propane Fuel Company was a very exciting job.  We changed truck fleets over to run on gas AND propane.  There  had to deal with fleet managers, and did the initial installations that were used to demonstrate the quality that could be expected of the installations and the advanatages that could be expected from running the fleet on duel fuels. 
I bring this experience to RPM Quality Auto Service, and to you. 

How do we determine prices?
That is a great question.  We determine labor prices by the book.  Chilton, a leader in automotive repair manuals, publishes a time guide.  We look up your car, and the work to be performed, and the Chilton Time Manual will tell us how many hours the job calls for.  This is what determines the price. 
So far as parts go, we sell parts for, typically, a little less than you could buy them at the parts store.  I remember as a child my family talking about car repair, and the complaint I remember the most was when my uncle said "The labor is not that bad, but the parts!  they cost way more at the shop than they do at the parts store!"  I have never forgotten that.  Why should you pay more for a part when paying someone to install it, than you would pay if you bought just the part?  I never understood that.  We have great sources for buying parts, and rather than making a killing on them, we are perfectly happy making a small amount on the part, and earning our labor, and making you a happy customer giving you a great value.  It is our goal to provide the level of quality that keeps you coming back! 
At RPM Quality Auto Service, we will provide an accurate diagnosis, and a written estimate that details the labor and parts involved in your repair. 
We are willing to take all the time it takes so that you fully understand the problem and our solution. 

Your car represents a big investment on your part.  Many times it is second only to your home.  I question if some shops really respect that.  We DO respect that fact.  We will tell you what needs to be addressed right away, and what can wait. 

We place safety as our number 1 priority, followed closely by reliability.  We want to make sure that your car is safe, and reliable. 

We are not into "selling" jobs to customers.  We are into inspecting and informing you of any issues we have found, and helping you make the choices that will be truely in your best interest. 

We offer hours by appoinment so that you can make an appoinment at a time that is convenient for you.  Maybe you work afternoons, or midnights, or days.  What ever your schedule is, we can provide a time that works for you. 

If you have taken the time to read all of this, then, "Thank You!"  It is my hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Thank you and God Bless!